A nation that is built well; prospers well!

We at Wizard India Private Limited sincerely adhere to the above notion. A nation that is built well, prospers does a company!

Mr. Sayeed, co-owner, Wizard India believes, “Infrastructure, Research and Development are not just words that are to be merely read. These are the principles, which if followed will enlighten your path and help you achieve your goals”

Today, modern loudspeaker designs involve a variety of intricate techniques and high performance materials, and in order to cater modernization, Wizard India has a fully automatic production unit with complete design and tool making facilities in-house with strategic suppliers. Our tool equipments includes Vertical Machining Center, CNC lathes as well several drills, presses of the tools required to manufacture products as specified by an individual customer.

The in-house R&D team ensures timely SWOT analysis, market analysis, changes in trend and customer’s expectations. Our R&D efforts include innovative conceptualization of every product followed by developing new materials so as to augment product performance, testing and cataloguing existing material properties.

Wizard India is certified by the ISO 9001-2000, which is a testimony to the strict process adherence. Every Part that is manufactured is fabricated as per the set industrial standards and passed after undergoing stringent quality tests to determine whether critical specifications are being met-such as deflection of a spider, resonance of a cone, weight of the finished products as well as weight of the various steps in the process.

Quality Control

Auto CAD CAM Center

Cones frequency measurement

Research and development section

Tool Design

Final quality inspection

Damper Deflection Measurement